Presenting Our Newest 2020 Champions/ Stud Dogs

Heidelberg's Buck v Nova
                                                           H's Buck is now 4 years old and will be finished his Championship as soon as the dog shows begin again.  Producing great temperament and excellent pigment and type.

Heidelberg's Boscoe v Velvet, (Rocky)
Rocky, Picture taken at 2 yeaars old.  He is now 4 years old and is reproducing his handsome type with very outgoing temperament and very  Protective though Great with children and family.. 

Ch. Heidelberg's RUGER v Maja,  OFA-GS-99802G
Ch. H's Ruger finished his Championship in Janurary 2019 at the Corpus Christi, Tx. K. C. Show at 2 years of age.  His first litters are now old enough to prove he is producing out Heidelberg type and excellent temperament with  ideal pigment and and hs good siae.

Presenting Our Newest 2018 Champions/ Stud Dogs

Ch. Heidelberg's Montana "Monte" v Darci
Ch. H's Monte finished his Championship Mar 31, 2018 at the GSD Club of Greater Tulsa for hsi 3rd Major win.  Ch. H's Monte is Co-Owned and lives with the Klvac family in Fort Worth, Texas
Ch. H's Monte is the 8th Champion sired by our great producing sire, Ch. H's Patton v Lilah.

Presenting Our Newest 2017 Champions & Stud Dogs

Ch. Heidelberg's  Noella  Gretta
Ch. H's Noelle is sired by Ch. Heidelberg's Jerico and G.CH Heidelberg's Gretta Schumakr.

Am/Can Ch. Eklectic Trifecta (Tri), , ofa-gs-92279G
1. Ch Tri is a large Stallion type male, 3 years old and we have a nice selection of his puppies at this time,  Good movers with plush coats with excellent bone.

Ch. Kaleef's  Caymus,  OFA-GS-96349G
2. Ch. Caymus is a 2 year old Stallion Type male of excellent proportions, Clean both ends and strong outreaching gait.  He is currently bred to three of our best bitches and we are happy to report that is will reproducing his fantastic qualities.

3. Ch. H's Thunder a pictured here at 17 month old, a Male. He finished his championship March 2017 at the Baytown K. Club, Crosby, Tx.  Thunder is a son of our Ch. H's Vello and is a very good mover like his father, Ch Heidelberg's Vello.  We are currently breeding Thunder and now have puppies with beautiful type available.

Presenting Our 6 Newest 2016 Champions

Ch. Billyjo Stonewall Chaos v Heidelberg. OFA
Ch. Chaos finished his Championship on Oct. 8, 2016 going BOW and the Humble K.C. show at 17 months of age.  His sire is GCH Sel Karisma's Morocco Kaleef and his dam is Ch. Stonewall's Dirty Look,  Very outgoing masculine male with good head and outreaching gait.  We have puppies available now from Chaos.

CH. HEIDELBERG'S HAMMER V BONNIE (Pictured 14 Mon.) OFA-Excelent
Ch. H's HAMMER finished his Championship at the Elk City Kennel Club, Sept 12, 2016.  He is the brother of GCH Ch. Heidelberg's Hanna whos was Best of Breed at the 2018 Westminster Dog Show.  Her sire is Ch. Kaleef's Valentino and his dam is Ch. Heidelberg's Bonnie. and Ch. Kaleef's Valentino, OFA.  Puppies available by Hammer now. 
GCH Ch. Heidelberg's Hannah Bonnie, OFA
Ch H's Hannah was BOB at the 2018 Westminster Cog Show. She started her Championship quest as a puppy earning 12 of her points and her first Major from the puppy classes.  Then she went out of coat, came into her first season and we held her out to come back in coat and she finished her Ch. in her first time out at the Ft/Worth shows, going Best of Breed from the classes.    a Ch.   She is a beautiful mover and will be bred later this year. Her mother is our Ch. H's Bonnie, and her Sire is Ch. Kaleef's Valentino, OFA both pictured below.

Ch. Heidelberg's Tank v Essie, OFA-GS-92346G
Ch. H's Tank finished his Championship on Oct. 3rd at the Humble Kennel Cllub shows by going WD for his 4th Major.  We have puppies from him now.

Ch. Heidelberg's Jasmine Darci
GCH Ch. H's Darci completed her Championship in August 2015 out of the 12-18 month class then won 1/2 of her Grand Champion points the next 3 shows.  Sired by Ch. Heidelberg's Patton, her mother is GCh Heidelberg's Shustar Gretta.  Jasmine is the 4th Champion to finish out of this litter.  She will be bred on her next season.

CH. Heidelberg's Jazz v Darcy
H's Jazz finished at the Reliant Series of Dog Shows by taking his 4th Major.  He is the third Champion to finish from this litter.  His sister, H's Jasmine won the followind day and got her first major, a 5 Point Major win.  This breeding hs been repeated, pups are now 8 weeks old and look very promiosing.  Inquiries welcome.

Ch. Jetta finished her Championshp Friday, June 5, 2015, 2 weeks after reaching her 1st Birthday at Calcashieu K.C. shows by going Best of Breed over champions. 
Ch. Jetta is sired by Gr Ch. Heidelberg's Patton.  Her mother is Gr Ch. Heidelberg's Gretta, new ROM Dam.  News FLASH, Jetta is bred to Ch. H's Hammer, Litter due Mar. 7, 2017.


Ch. H's Jerico finished his Championship on June 8, 2015 at the Calcashieu K. C.ub shows shortly after his sister, shorn above, Ch. Jetta was awarded Best of Breed.  Ch. Jerico is sired by Gr Ch. Heidelberg's Patton.  His mother is G.Ch. Heidelberg's Gretta.

Presenting Our (5) Five Newest 2014Champions 

Ch. Heidelberg's Gavin v Elena, OFA-GS-88560E
Ch. Gavin finished his Championship in GREAT style by going WD for a 4 Point Major at the Humble K.Club Fall show, 2014.

Ch. Heidelberg's Bonnie Talib
Ch's Bonnie finished her championship at 16 months old in style with a 5 point major at the pestigious show at the Houston Kennel Club shows in July, 2014.  Ch. Bonnie is the mother of Ch. Heidelberg's Hammer and Ch. Heidelberg's Hanna.  We plan on breeding her on her next season.

Ch. Heidelberg's  Vello  v Sasha,  OFA-GS- 90269-G
Ch. Heidelberg's Vello v Sasha finished his Championship on July 18, 2014 by going WD for a 5 Pt. Major at the Houston K. C. show at 26 months of age.  He is a Ch. Houston son, shown below.  We have Ch. Vello puppies available at this time.  His son, Ch. H's Thunder recently finished his Ch. and is shown above.

CH. Keleef's HOUSTON v Heidelberg, OFA-GS-85551E
Ch. Kaleef's Houston v Heidelberg  finished his Championship on April 21, 2014 with his 3rd Major at the Sherveport Dog Shows.  Houston won back to back 4 Pt Majors to finish.  His son is pictured below finishing at the San Antonio shows in the summer of 2013, picture below.  We have Houston bred to some outstanding bitches at this time.

Ch Heidelberg's  Verona  Rusha
Ch. Heidelberg's Verona
finished her Championship April 22, 2014 with Back to Back 4 Pt. Majors at the Shreveport K.C. shows at 20 months of age.  H's Verona is a Ch. H's Patton daughter out of our beautiful champion, Ch. H's Rusha.  Both parents are pictured below.  We will breed her on her next season.

Presenting Our Newest 2013 Champions 

CH. HEIDELBERG'S PATTON V LILAHB, pictured at 14 Months
Ch. Heidelberg's Patton finished his Championship 7/12/2013 at the San Antonio Summer shows by going Winners & Best of Winners two consecutive days for his final points.  Patton is a son of Ch. Kakeef's Heidelberg Houston.  We currently have puppies available at this time.

Ch. Heidelberg's  Zina
H's Zena is a Ch. H's Boston daughter.  Boston is show below.  Zena will be bred this spring.


Presenting Our Newest 2012 Champions 

Ch. Heidelberg's Rusha Sasha
Ch. Heidelberg's Rusha Sasha
finished her Championship 3/17/12 at the Galveston K.C. going BW for her final major.  She is just 3  years old.  H's Rusha will be bred on her next season.  Inquiries welcome.  She is a daughter of our Ch. H's Isaac v Daisy and lives at Heidelberg.

Presenting 5 Newest 2011 Champions 

Ch. Heidelberg's Falko v Gini (Buba)
CH. Heidelberg's Falko v Geni (call name Buba)
finished his Championship at the Denton K.C., May 14, 2011.   He won his first outing at the Humble shows in Nov. 2010 and was very quickly completed his title with limited showing. H's Falko is a Sable son of Ch. H's Excel and is co-owned with the Wheeler family of Humble, Texas.  We have some excellent Black & tan & Sable puppies now from 'Buba'

Ch. Schustar's Cooper v Mercy
Ch. Schustar's Cooper v Mercy finished his championship from the 12/18 month class Dec. 3, 2011 at the Conroe K.C. show.  He  is a Ch. H's Marci son. His sire is Ch. Samuri's Kody son and resides with his owners John & Anita Schumacher. 

Ch. Heidelberg's Austin v Melissa
Ch. Heidelberg's Austin v Melissa
finished his Championship from the 12-18 month classHis father is Ch. H's Oliver v Diamon.  H's Austin lives with his owners, John & Anita Schumacher. H's Austin has been bred and puppies will be available in August, 2011.

Ch. Heidelberg's Conan  v  Kammy
Ch Heidelberg's Conan v Kammy finished his Championship Sunday, Nov 20th, 2011 with a Major Win at the Brazoria Kennel Club Show in Houston, Texas.  Ch. Conan is a Ch. Heidelberg's Nathan son.  He is lives with his Mr & Mrs Wills, his owners, and we congratulate them on this Championship which was a long time in attaining through many hardships. 

Ch. Heidelberg Velvet Atlanta
Ch. Heidelberg's Velvet Atlanta finished her Championship on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011 at the Brazoria K. Club show.  She is a Ch. Mason Daughter and lives with her owners, The Schumachers.

Presenting our 3 Newest 2010 Champions 


Ch. Heidelberg's Kolt v Elenao
1. Ch.Heidelberg's Kolt finished his Championship at the Cypress Creek K. Club shows on November 13, 2010.  Kolt is a Ch. H's Marko son.   He is Co-owned with the John & Anita Schumacher.


Ch. Heidelberg's Harmony Bella
Ch. Heidelberg's Harmony Bella
finished her championship on June 12, 2010 at the Lake Charles, La. cluster of shows.  Thank you Jim Moses for the excellent handling job.  Most of H's Harmony's points were won from the puppy classes.  She resides at Heidelberg and is currently being bred to our GV Ch. Tazman's Aragon son.  Inquiries welcome.  Puppies are available now for H's Falko (Buba) a sable male being finished this spring.

Presenting Our 10 Newest 2009 Champions 



Ch. Heidelberg's Issac v Daisy, (Freddie)  OFA-GS-79217G
1. Ch. Heidelberg's Issac v Daisy, (Frddie)  finished his Championship going WD for his 4th Major at the Texarkanna K.C. shows June 13, 2009.. We currently have very nice puppies from Freddie and a few Champion Prospects are available to serious show homes.  He is co-Owned with Heidelberg.

Ch. Heidelberg's Josie Sasha
3. Ch. Heidelberg's Josie Sasha:  Completed her Championship by winning her 3 rd Major at the Calcacieu K.C. show on Sat. June 6, 2009.   Sired by Ch. H's Nathan.   

Ch. Heidelberg's Merci Fannie
4. Ch. Heidelberg's Merci Fanny:
Completed her Championship at the Texarkana K.C. Jun3 14, 2009.  She is lives with and is owned with John Schumacher.

Ch. Heidelberg's Charm Amazona
5. Ch. Heidelberg's Charm
finished her Championship Sat., March 25, 2009 with her 3rd Major win at the Claremore K.C.  H's Charm was Best of Breed from the classes and Group 2 earlier this year at the San Jacinto shows.  She is a Ch. Heidelberg's Nathan daughter.  She will be bred on her next season.  Inquiries welcome.

Ch. Heidelberg's Querida Diamond

6. Ch. H's Querida finished her Championship with 3 wins at the San Antonio Cluster in March 2009.  H's Querida is a Ch. Heidelberg's Dargo daughter.  She is owned by Dean and Patty Heckathorn of Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Ch. Heidelberg's Amos v Vanessa, OFA-GS-79214G
7. Ch. Heidelberg's Amos v Vanessa, OFA-GS-79214G.  H's Amos finished his Championship at the Brazoria K.Club, 11/16/08.  He won his last 5 shows and 3 Best of Breeds and finished by going Best of Breed..  He is at Stud at Heidelberg..  An Outstanding young champion. His sire is Ch. H's Bently.  He is pictured as an 11 month old puppy.  A more mature picture will be posted as soon as one becomes available. 

Ch. Heidelberg's Marlin von Renac
8. Ch. Heidelberg's Marlin von Renac
is a Son of Ch. H's Dargo and Co-Owner with Dean Heckathorn.  He lives with his owner in Oklahoma.

Ch. Heidelberg's Oklahoma Natasha
9 Ch. Heidelberg's Oklahoma (K) von Renac
finished in a whirlwind of wins going Best of Breed many times and Group placings along the way.  'K' and lives with his owners Dean & Patty Heckathron.

Ch. Heidelberg's Bogie v Whisper
10. Ch. Heidelberg's Bogie v Whisper finished his Championship on Oct. 10th, 2009.
  Bogie lives with the Heckathorns.  Picture when available.

Presenting Our Two Newest 2008 Champion 

Ch. Heidelberg's Samson v Jacki,  OFA-GS-77197
1. CH. Heidelberg's Samson v Jacki,,  OFA-GS-77197.    SAMSON finished his championship with his 3rd Major win in Claremore Kennel Club show Sat. March 29, 2008.  He is co-owned with Linda Pryor of  Oklahoma.   Shown here winning his 2st Major, Sept. 2007. 

2. Ch.  Heidelberg's Natasha finished her championship at the Columbus Kennel Club show in March 2008.  She lives with the Heckathorn family.

Presenting Our Two Newest 2007 Champion 

Ch. Heidelberg's Ruger v Novac, OFA-GS-
1.  Ch. Heidelberg's Ruger  v Novak, OFA-GS- 
 finished his championship on June 16, 2007 at the age of  21/2 Years old.  He is a large male with excellent proportions and great pigment  Sire: Ch. Heidelberg's Dargo v Angelique, OFA.-   He is Co-Owned and resides with Ed & Coleen Elles. 

Ch. Heidelberg's Boston v Agatha, OFA-GS-74124G
2.  Ch. Heidelberg's Boston v Agatha, OFA-GS-74124G,  Born: 11/30/03.  Won his  4th Major at the Fort Worth K.C. show Mar. 24, 2007.     He just became 3 years old & is a  H's Jagger son. & a Ch. Ollie grandson.  Ch. H's Boston is a large male with good secondary characteristics and we do currently have puppies available from him now.  He currently resides at Heidelberg

Presenting Our 9 (Nine ) 2006 Champions 
We would also like to Congratulate Wendy Zia on the completion of NEW Titles on her precious Obedience Champion, Heidelberg's Olga Isabel, TD, CD, CGC, HIC, RN, RA, & RE Titles.  On Nov 12, 2006 Olga added her 3rd Rally Excellent title with two 1st and a 2nd.

Ch.  Heidelberg's Excel v Ilkah,  OFA-GS-

1. Ch. H's Excel v Ilkah, OFA-GS-  completed his Championship at the Saline County  K.C. of Arkansas on Sunday, Oct. 29, 2996.  He resides at Heidelberg and is the sire of some outstanding puppies and young adults.  Ch. H's Excel is a Ch. H's Marko son and is shown here in our training ring at Heidelberg Kennels.

Ch. Heidelberg's Honey Leah
2. Ch. H's Honey Leah, now 23 months, finished her Championship in Grand Style by going Best of Breed at the Cypress K.C. show on Sat. Nov. 10, 2006.  She finished with 3 Majors and is a Ch. Nathan daughter.  Congratulations to her Co-Owner, Tammy Blankenship.  Ch. H's Honey will be bred on her next season.

Ch. Heidelberg's Pasha Joyl
3. Ch. Pasha Joy completed her Championship on Sunday, Nov 5th at the Baton Rouge, La.  K.C. show.  She finished with 4 Major wins and is a Ch. H's Bently daughter.  She is Co-Owned with the Bellace family.  She will be bred on her next season..

Ch. Heidelberg's Fara Idelia
4. Ch. H's Fara Idelia finished her Championship with her 4th Major win at the Oklahoma City Cluster, Sat. July 1, 2006.   Ch. Fara is a Ch. H's Bently daughter and his 2nd finished Champion. She resides at Heidelberg.

Ch. Heidelberg's Bandit v Jackie, OFA-74286
5.  Ch. H's Bandit v Jackie.  Ch.H's Bandit lives in North Dallas, Tx. with his Co-Owners, Jonathan and Debbie Bundick.  He is a Ch. H's Yukon son out of a Ch. H's Gabe daughter.  Ch. H's Bandit finished his Championship 5/14/06 at the Denton K.Club shows by winning back to back 4 point majors on Sat and Sunday.  On Sunday he went on to a Best of Breed over champions.  Pictured here taking his finishing Major with Fran Foster who showed him to his back to back  4 Point Majors in a whirlwind finish of his Championship.  Thanks again Fran.

Ch. Heidelberg's Aimee Francine
6. Ch. H's Aimee Francine is shown finishing her championship at the Gray Summit Dog Shows on May 7th, 2006.   She is a H's Jagger(7 Ch. Pts) daughter and  has Two Best of Breeds from the classes & 2 Group placements and is Co-Owned with Ed & Colleen Elles. 

Ch. Heidelberg's Belinda Hanna
7.  Ch. H's Belinda Hanna finished her Championship in Grand style by winning her 3rd Major, a 4 Point one, Owner 22 monhs of age.  Congratulations to Colleen on an  excellent  handling job.  Belinda is Co-Owner with Ed & Colleen Elles of Avinger, Tx. She is a Ch. H's Fargo daughter.

Ch. Heidelberg's Oliver v Diamond, OFA-GS-77895G

8. Ch. H's Oliver v Diamond finished his championship on Sunday, July 2, 2006 at the Oklahoma City Circuit by winning his final Major, (4 Pts) and going Best of Breed over 5 Champions, then going Best of Winners on  the following day, Sunday, to finish.  He is owned & resides with Dean & Patty Heckathorn. More info may be found at their website,   

Ch. Heidelberg's Unika Harmony
9. Ch. H's Unika finished her Championship in great style with her third Major, this one a 5 Pt. major at the Glen Rose K.C. shows Jan. 7, 2006.  She is pictured here winning her 1st Major at 7 months of age, April 2004.  She is a Ch. H's Harley Daughter and is Co-Owned with Dr. Diana Grave and her son, Lucas Grave.


7 New  Champions  for  2005

CH. Heidelberg's Aldo v Ullal - (14 months old)-OFA- 75266G
  1. Ch. H's Aldo is shown near our front pond as a mature dog.  He finished his Championship on Oct. 22, 2005 at the Shawnee, Ok. K.C. shows at 22 months of age.  Congratulate to Ch. Heidelberg's Hammer on his championship.

Ch. Heidelberg's Rory v EdienOFA-GS-72590
2.  Ch. H's Rory finished his championship with his third Major on Oct. 8, 2005 and at the same show, one of his puppies also won the 12/18 class  Rory is a very handsome large plush coated male. 

Ch. Heidelberg's Diana Isabel
3. Ch. H's Diana finished her Championship on Sunday, with a Major win on Oct. 2, 2005  at the Hot Springs K.C. Shows.  She is a another Ch. Heidelberg's Ollie, ROM,   Daughter.


    CH. Heidelberg's  (Sydney) Ulla Lorettah
4.   Ch. H's Sydney Ulla
finished her Championship Sat., June 11, 2005 at the Calcasieu K.C. shows in Lake Charles, La.  Her son, H's Aldo was Winners Dog at the same show.   She finished her Championship with 3 Majors, 2 of them back to back at the Alexandria, La. Dog Shows Jan. 29, 2005.   Co-Owned with Dan Brack.

Ch. Heidelberg's Bently v Samantha, OFA-GS-69671G
5. Ch. H's Bently
is pictured here finishing his Championship May 7th, 2005 at the Big Springs, Tx. cluster. He finished with 4 Majors with his first 4 Pt. Major coming from the 6-9 class.  We held him out until he matured and he won 3 back to back Majors at the Beaumont, Tx. cluster April 29-May 1st.  An outstanding producer with several pointed progeny.  Congrats to his son Ch. H's Aldo on finishing his Championship at 21 months.

Ch. Heidelberg's Fargo v Heidil, OFA-GS-69155-G
6.  Ch. H's Fargo finished his Championship Jan. 29, 2005 at the Alexandria, La. Dog Shows while winning his 3rd Major Win at 3 yrs of age.   He is passing on his excellent Pigment and Temperament .

Am/Mex. Ch. Heidelberg's Emily Ulla, OFA'd
7.  Ch. H's Emily finished her US Championship on Feb. 6, 2005.  Ch. H's Emily finished her Mexican Championship in grand style going Best of Breed and Group 1 on successive days at the International Dog Shows in Mexico City in Dec. 2004.  She is Co-Owned with Jose (Paco) Salizar of Monterrey, Mexico. 

Our 11 (Eleven) Champions for 2004: A Banner Year !!!Also, Congratulations to Wendy Zea on her H's Olga completing her TD & CD and Water Rescue Titles)

Ch. Heidelberg's Marko v Maggie,  OFA-GS- 69156 G
1. Ch. H's Marko v Maggie, OFA-GS-69156, finished his Championship on Sat. Oct 2, 2004 at Humble K.Club.  He finished with 3 Majors & a Best of Breed over 6 Champions at the Biloxi K.C. 5/15/04.  He is now 3 yrs. old.  He is an outstanding producer whose progeny are beautiful with typical outstanding Heidelberg Temperament

Ch. Heidelberg's Nathan v Marcie
, OFA-GS-69180
2. Ch. H's Nathan
 finished his Championship on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2004.  He is a full brother to Ch. H's Elijah v Marcie pictured below. Nate has been an excellent producer with pointed progeny now being shown. 

Ch.Heidelberg's Gunter v Whisper,  OFA-GS-63213
3. Ch. H's Gunter v Whisper is shown winning his first Major in Sullivan, Mo. Oct. 2003.  He finished his Championship on Sunday in Belton, Tx on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2004.  He finished in a flourish, winning 2 of his last 3 shows.  Ch. H's Gunter is owned and in residence with Dean & Patty Heckathorn.  He is producing very large size and super coats.  One of his daughters is well on her way to her Championship with a Major and 7 points. 

    Ch. Heidelberg's Elijah v Marcie, OFA-GS-72591GM 
4. Ch. H's Elijah
finished his Championship in grand style with 3 Major wins and by going Best of Breed from the classes . He lives in Orange, Texas with his Co-Owner.  He is one of our Top Producers of outstanding progeny.  One of his Young  puppies Co-Owned with Jose Salazar of Monterrey, Mex is now a Mexican Champion and also won a 4 Pt Major at the San Antonio, TX shows in March.  Elijah also has two Best in Match, pointed  puppies who are now being campaigned, one of which finished her Championship owner handled!! 

Ch. Heidelberg's Amazon (Chief) v Whisper, OFA-GS-64770G
5. Ch. Heidelberg's Amazon finished his Championship on Sunday, Sept  5, 2004.   He resides with his owners Denise and George Bussey of St. Louis, Missouri., and is Co-Owned by Dean & Patty Heckathorn of Mannford, ( Tulsa) Okla.  We currently have puppies from Amazon (Call name:  Chief).  Amazon is sired by Ch. Heidelberg's Bismark out of Heidelberg's Whisper (a Ch H's Yukon daughter).  Amazon does not carry the Long Coat factor and consistently produces large size, female pups tend to be large as well.

            Ch. Heidelberg's Dargo v Angelique, OFA-GS-77882G
6 Ch. Heidelberg's Dargo
finished his Championship with 3 Major wins the final one by going Winners Dog and Best of Winners Saturday, Aug. 14, 2004.  His brother (Ch. H's Dirk) has already completed his championship and is shown below.   He is Co-Owned and in residence with Dean & Patty Heckathorn in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Also, this completes his ROM title on Ch. Heidelberg's Angelique Heidi, ROM.  Ch. Dargo has a number of very nice puppies available at this writing, Sept. 2004.  

Ch. Heidelberg's Romeo v Sylviab, OFA
7.  Ch. Heidelberg's Romeo v Sylviab, is a Ch. Yukon Son.  He completed his Championship July 17, 2004 in Longview, Tx.  He finished with Three Major wins.  His finishing Pictures will be posted soon.  We have two young litters on the ground from him at this time.  He is Co-Owned with Diana and Lucas Graves of Baytown, Texas and we currently have puppies available from Ch. Romeo.

 Ch.Heidelberg's Samantha Krista  OFA-GS-65902G
 8.  Ch. H's Samantha finished her Championship by going Best of Breed on 7/11/2004.  She is a full sister to H's Shane and she is the mother of H's Bently Samantha, (both shown on the Soon to be Ch. Page). .She has been bred to H's Marko.  Samanth is co-owned with George and Denise Bussey of St.Louis, Mo.  

Ch. Heidelberg's Duchess Lalani
9.  Ch. Heidelberg's Duchess completed her Championship 6/27/2004 with her 3rd Major win at the Hattiesburg K.C. Dog Shows in Mississippi in June, 2004.  She will be bred on her next season.  Her Dam is Ch. Heidelberg's Lalani Yvonne pictured below.  This is Ch. H's Lalani's 2nd Champion.  She is very near her ROM.

Ch. Heidelberg's Heiei Lalani                   
             10.  Ch. Heidelberg"s Heidi Lalani finished her Championship on Sunday, April 25, 2004.    H's Heidi's sire is Ch. Heidelberg's WACO, OFA & ROM sire.  Her son, H's Fargo has a major win and is nearing his Championship.  Heidi's Dam (mother) is Ch. Heidelberg's Lalani Yvonne shown below.

Ch. Heidelberg's Hattie v Nadiam
11.  Ch. Heidelberg's Hattie finished her Championship on April 3rd, 2004 at the Wichita K.C. show with a 3 Pt. Major,  She is litter sister to our Ch. H's Harley v Nadiam,OFA,  pictured below.  We currently have a litter from Hattie and H's Marko (Marko is shown on our Soon to be Champions page.  In addition,  we have a very nice show bitch out of Hattie that is available to a 'show home'.     We are breeding Hattie, 10/02/04, puppy inquiries now.


Our 4 Newest Champions for 2003  (4 finished in 2003)

Ch. Heidelberg's ANGELIQUE  Heidi,  ROM (pictured here somewhat out of coat)
Ch. H'S Angelique, ROM,  finished her Championship at the Abilene K. Club Cluster of shows on Dec. 7, 2004,  by going Best of Breed from the classes.  She is the mother of Ch. Heidelberg's Dirk v Angelique (shown below), and Ch. Heidelberg's Dargo, his litter brother, shown above.  We repeated this breeding and we have young outstanding show prospects now available, (for serious show homes ONLY). 

Ch. Heidelberg's Gerard v Elkal, OFA-69181-Excellent
Ch. H's Gerard shown in 2 poses, 1st in Heidelberg's Training area & 2nd shown winning his final Major to complete his Championship June 8th, 2003 in Lake Charles by going Winner's Dog and Best Opposite Sex over a Champion Male for a 3 point Major.   He lives with the Gilberto Perez family in Houston, Tx. and is available for Stud Service on request.  Please call first day of season.  H's Gerard is a littermate to Ch. Heidelberg's Gunner who is pictured below.

Ch. Heidelberg's Harley v Nadiam,  OFA-GS-61043G
   Ch. Heidelberg's Harley v Nadiam, completed his Championship with a 5 Point Major win at the Claremore, Ok. shows Mar. 22, 2003.   In the course of completing his championship, H's Harley was Best of Breed both days at the Pasadena K.C. shows in Crosby in May 2002, and then took a Group 2 and a Group 1. 

Ch. Heidelberg's Jeronimo v Heidi
Ch. Heidelberg's Jeronimo v Heidi finished his Championship Feb. 26, 2003.  He lives with his Co-Owners Dr. Robert (Bob) Lordon in Bay City, Texas in the Winter and in Long Island, NY in the Summer months.

Champions Finished & Major Pointed Dogs in 2002

Ch. Heidelberg's  Dirk  v  Angelique-OFA-GS-66723-G (Pictured at 15 months)  Ch. finished his Ch. 9/15/02

Ch. H's Dirk,  call named 'Jag' by his C0-Owners, Jim and Sue Goostree, completed his Championship by going undefeated in the 12-18 Class in 6 consecutive shows, 3 of them Majors.  His championship was completed in just two (2) weekends.  In the process, he went Best of Breed 4 times, and a Group Placement.  All this before 16 Months of age. Ch. Dirk (Jag) will be shown as a Special spareingly until he matures. He is available at Stud and should be a pre-potent sire as he is from a Litter of outstanding quality.  His brother Ch. H's Dargo, pictured above, and his other litter brother, H's Derek owned by Mr. Granger, has a 3 Pt. Major and not been defeated in the classes.. 


Champions Finished in 2001

We are very proud to be able to announce the following 5 New CHAMPIONS who finished their Titles this Year.  Once again, please note that four (4) of these 5 Champions are Co-Owned, verifying that 'We do sell the Good Ones to Responsible Owners'.


---Ch. Heidelberg's  Buffie ('Bugsy) Rosieb  OFA-GS 

 -----  Bugsy finished her Championship with a 4 Point Major at the Okla. City Dog Shows in Oct. 2001.   Bugsy resides with her owners in Austin, Tx.   She will be shown selectively as a Champion in the coming year.  We will begin showing one of her daughters soon.   



 Ch. Heidelberg's Ollie v Jasmine   (Ch. H's Ollie  is a Ch. H's Gallant Son)
Ch's Ollie finished his Championship in July 2001 and resides at Stud at Heidelberg Kennels.  We have some very nice puppies from him at time, (fall of 2001).


Ch. Heidelberg's Gunner v Elkal   (Ch. H's Gunner is a Ch. Yukon Son)
Ch. H's Gunner finished his Championship in June 200l.  He is Co-Owned and lives with Tom & Lisa Hudder in O'Fallon, Ill, a suburb of St. Louis, Mo.


Am & Mex Ch. Heidelberg's Bella Bianca, OFA'd  (Ch. H's Bella is a Ch. H's Gabe Daughter )
Ch. H's Bella  finished her Championship by going Best of Breed 3 successive times over several Champions and three Group 2 placements.  She is Co-Owned and lives with Francisco (Paco) Lazo in Monterrey, Mexico. 


Ch. Heidelberg's Missy (Ch. Heidelberg's Austin x Heidelberg's Whisper Odetan)  finished her Championship in August 2000 before her 2nd Birthday..  Dean Heckathorn her  Owner handled her to her final Points.  She lives with the Heckathorns in Oklahoma.

  Coming soon:  Heidelberg's Gerard v Elkal, a Ch Yukon Son and brother to Ch. H's Gunner's brother, is nearing his Championship.  He now has 10 points and lacks only 1 Major at this writing.   Also Coming Soon;  Heidelberg's Jeronimo, a Ch. Rocky son needing  only 1 Major to finish at this writing.


Champions Finished in 2000

Ch. Heidelberg's Winsome Umberb
(Sire: Ch. H's YUKON, Dam: Ch. H's Umber)

Ch. Heidelberg's Winsome Umberb (Sire: Ch. H's YUKON, Dam: Ch. H's Umber) finished her Championship in April 2000 and is Co-Owned with the Heckathorns of Tulsa, Ok.

Ch. Heidelberg's Dana Avalan
 Ch. Heidelberg's Dana finished her Championship in late June , 2000 with 3 Majors and 5 Best of Breeds with 4 Group Placements and ranked in the top 20 German Shepherds for the year 2000.



                              Ch. Heidelberg's Rommel V Vixen  OFA'd                                                   Ch. Heidelberg's Oregon  v Bismark  OFA'd                             
(Sire: Ch. H's Gustav, ROM, Dam: Ch. H's Vixen Pandora                            (Sire:  H's Sentry,  Dam: H's Burma Katie)               

Finished his Championship with a 5 Pt. Major in May 2000.               Ch. H"s Oregon v Bismark finished his Championship
He is very similar to his sire Ch. Gustav and is passing his                with a 5 Pt. Major in May 2000.  He is Co-Owned with
Great attributes to his progeny. We currently have puppies                                      Heckathorns of Tulsa, Ok.                           
from Ch. Rommel.


Champions Finished in 1999

Ch. Heidelberg's Lalani Yvonne
  • Finished Jan. 24, 1999 at 20 months
  • Ch. H's Lalani was bred to Ch. H's Waco, ROM and has produced an exceptional litter of seven, Four of the Females are very finishable. At this writing, we still have two of these Very Finishable Champion prospects available to Serious Show Homes.

Ch. Heidelberg's Franz v Ollie, GFS-GS-46943
Finished with a 5 Pt. Major on March 21, 99.
(Shown a total of only 12 times and less than 2 months from start to finish.)

Ch. Heidelberg's Yukon v Umbra, OFA-GS-50204
  • Finished April 10th, '99
  • We are pleased to announce Ch. H's Yukon's first Champion, Ch. H's Winsome, pictured above. Ch. H's Yukon is proving to be an Outstanding Producer with several Winning progeny and some very promising youngsters are available at this time. Remember, We do sell the Good Ones.

Champions Finished in 1998

Mex. Grand Victrix Ch. Heidelberg's Vixen Pandora
(Winners Bitch at the Mexican National)
Ch. Heidelberg's Uvalda Najdar
Finished her Ch. Title Feb.14, 1998 and is a H's Rocky v Rosie daughter.
Ch. Heidelberg's Cameo V Olive
Finished her Title in March '98. She is a H's Rocky v Rosie daughter. She will be bred soon.
Ch. Heidelberg's Ranger V Gypsy OFA-GS-50203
Ranger finished his Championship in April'98 at 2 1/2 yrs of age. Ranger is a Ch. Waco son. We currently have Ranger puppies available. Ch. Ranger is undefeated in 5 shows in Mexico and was Winner's Dog at the Mexican National GSD Show 1998 in Monterrey, Mexico.
Ch. Heidelberg's Rocky V Kato, OFA-GS-51433
Rocky finished his championship at the Houston Kennel Club at the Astrohall, 7/18/98. He is co-owned by Mrs. Kay White of San Marcos.

Champions Finished in 1997

(OFA-GS-51186) Ch. Heidelberg's Jacque
. H's Jacque was ranked in the Top 10 German Shepherd Dogs in 1997, '98 and '99. He is a Ch. H's Gallant Grandson.





Ch. Heidelberg's Brenna

Ch. Heidelberg's Brenna completed her championship in very few shows and became a Champion at only 15 Months. The Breeders of Ch. Brenna are Eugene Thompson and Ted and Nita Muczynski from Conroe, Texas, who are also her owners. The Muczynskis Co-Own Ch. Brenna's dam (mother), Ch. Heidelberg's Vanity Tashal (call named 'Lady'). Ch. Brenna's Sire is Ch. Heidelberg's Waco, (pictured on the  ( Stud Page).


Ch. Rosie receiving award
Ch. Heidelberg's Rosie

Ch. Rosie finished her Championship at Two years of age in Glen Rose, Tx. in Jan. '97. She is owned by Carl Hayes of Pasadena, Tx. We currently have three outstanding Show Prospects from Rosie's first litter sired by our Ch. Heidelberg's Waco. (Ch. Waco had two Champions to finish in '97 and has several with major points and two near finishing.

Ch. Justice finished his Championship in Oct. '97 at 26 Months of age. He is OFA'd Good.

He lives with his owner Miss. Billie Callier. Justice is Co-Owned with Eugene Thompson. Justice is a very beautifully pigmented and an easy mover. His first litters are looking very good.

Ch. Justice

Remember Heidelberg does sell good ones.