These Pictures are a Representative Sampling of Heidelberg German Shepherd Kennels & BOARDING FACILITIES.  We are a complete Boarding & Training facility with both Climate Controlled Indoor/Outdoor Runs and Outdoor Covered Runs.  We have 3 large shady, 1/2 to 1 acre, lake runs that allow dogs to exercise and swim while we are cleaning and disinfecting their runs which are sawdust==NOT  CONCRETE & NO ODOR==which is much better for their feet.   (Simply click on the pictures below to enlarge them for easier viewing )


The dog on our sign at the entrace is of Ch. Heidelberg's Jerry.

View of Front Gate and Parking Area from our Office.

This is the view of the Office, (1st Floor) & Home,(2nd Floor) looking from the entrance gate.

Looking up the circular drive toward Kennel A Bldg.

The area behind the Office. Kennel G is in the background behind the Tennis Court.

Another view from Rear of the Office with the 'W' Kennel Runs in background.

Clearer view of the Office/Home.

View from 2nd Floor Deck with Kennel 'T' Runs in background.

Our Yogurt makers on the hoof, Jan-Jan & Bessie near our front lake, near entrance to Heidelberg.

Better view of Kennel 'G' Runs.

One of our Lake Runs taken in Autumn.

These are Kennel 'O' Runs near our office. Lake run in behing these runs.

View from 2nd Floor Pourch showing Kennel 'P' Runs.

View of Kennel 'O' Runs and to the left, part of our Kennel 'B' Runs

One of our 3 Lake Runs for Excercising Our Dogs and Boarded dogs.

Kennel 'O' Runs near our Office with Lake Run in background.

View of Kennel 'T' Runs and Barn in background.

View of Kennel 'O' Runs from front of our office.

Kennel 'T' Runs from 2nd Floor Balcony.

Our Trainer Obedience training a dog.

Mike Purcell's Heidelberg male relaxing in a Beautiful field of Bluebonnet near Heidelberg Kennels.

German Shepherd Drive, a private paved drive to Heidelberg showing parking area on left and training ring on left.

This pond is on the left of our German Shepherd Drive. Pictured in early morning.

A side view of our Climate controlled Boarding Kennel. This building contains 24 Indoor/Outdoor runs.

Front view of our Climate Controlled Kennel. Early morning view.

Front view of our Climate Controlled Kennel.