Map to Heidelberg Kennels

Heidelberg German Shepherds is located on 20 Beautiful acres near the small Historical Old Town of Spring, Texas which is located 20 Minutes North of downtown Houston. The town of Spring was one of the earliest Train Switching Stations for the surrounding area in the mid-to-late 1800's and is still in service today. The original buildings of Spring have been designated a Historical Area with the landmark building being The Wunche Bros Spring Café, which has been restored to its original condition and is listed as one of the Historical Buildings of Texas. The surrounding buildings comprising the original town of Spring have been converted into an Old Time Shopping District consisting of a great number unique shops. Heidelberg GSD Kennel is 1 ˝ miles East of Old Town Spring.  Heidelberg GSD is 6 miles due North of the Houston Intercontinental Airport.

Following is a map of the area showing Heidelberg Kennels' exact location and the most favorable route to use:

NOTE:   For the easiest approach to Heidelberg you may use the NEW and convenient exit which has just been opened on the Hardy Toll Road.  When going in a Northerly direction, simply exit on Riley Fuzzel Rd. Exit.  Turn right on Riley Fuzzel Road and proceed 1/2 mile to Heidelberg Kennel entrance.