Heidelbeg's Boscoe (Call name=Rocky ) OFA'd


LITTER BORN 8/11/16--4 Males & 2 Females.- Mother is H'sCarmen x Sire is Ch. H's Tank on Left and Litter born 12/01/16 by Aspen x Tank, 4 Males and 6 Females.



Nola Umber x Ch. Tank Litter, born 1-13-2016, 3 Males-3 Females.   H's Nola is a long coat and we hope
some of these puppies will be long coated also. We'll let you know as soon as we are certain. 

New litter born Feb. 2, 2017 H's Chelsie x Ch. Chaor, 2 Males-8 Females.

Ch. Verona  x Chaos, 4 Males - 3 Females 


H' Lola Vandar, a 16 month old female, very showable as you can see in this pictue.

                                              Heidelberg's Charm v Blaze










 This is a Long Coated GSD female H's Nola Umber, All Pups SOLD,  Thee wee long coated.


7 Week old puppies our of H's Velvet  x  Ch. Hammer, born 12/15/2016 Ch. Hammer's picture can be seen on our Newest Championms page

7 Week old puppies out of H's Winsome Tanya x Ch. H's Marcie  x  Ch. Tank born 12/08/2016. H's Tank's picture can be seen on our Newest Champions page.

9 Week old puppies out of Ch. Bonnie x Ch. Tri, born 3/27/17.

Litter by H's Velvet Fanny x H's Leo shown at 6 weeks of age containing 2 Sables and 3 Black & Tans puppies.  Puppies born 9/19/2015.


15 Week old Male pups from H's Blaze Velasha x Ch. Vello

15 week old Male pups from H's Blaze Velasha x Ch. Vello playing in yard.

Two females of H's Marnie Leika  x  Ch. H's Tank 2/24/17.

Two puppies from H's Nadia Bianca x Ch. H's Nathan. Born 4/18/10. Very showable females.

A current litter at 8 weeks old at Heidelberg.  Mother H's Aspen Willow and Ch. Tank born Dec 1, 2016

2 M - 3 F.  .

Ch. H's Velvet x Ch. H's Hammer has Long Coated puppies-12 weeks old. We do have a long coated female puppy available now, Dec. 15, 2016.








Typical 9 week old puppies, these are out of  Ch H's Vello pups B: 5/14/16 Litter at 9 Wks. near one of our lakes.

Typical Heidelberg Puppy Bitch - 12 Wks old

Typical 22 week old male puppy.  Will look like Ch. Patton when he is mature.

Heidelberg's Brix, a typical 4 months old.  Brix is a very nice companion puppy.  His sire is Ch. Heidelberg's Patton.son.)

This is a typical 15 week old puppy.  This happens to be a male Ch Fargo puppy.

This is a Typical litter of puppies 15 weeks old and ready to go.


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Training Available: We are a complete Training Facility if you need your Puppy or Dog trained.

12 Week old puppy with his owner

This precious puppy is out of John Prosser's female Heidelberg's Tasha, Co-owned with Eugene Thompson, the owner of Heidelberg Kennels.  Sire is Ch. Heidelberg's Marko.  Picture taken 1/12/2004.  


This is a typical 10 week old puppy.  Hugging the shadows as usual but this picture shows his good color/pigment.

These two (2) pictured above are typical puppies shown at 10 weeks.  Note the outstanding gait showing excellent extension and reach.  These two are termed 'show prospects' due to their excellent movement, type and temperament.

We will not ship any puppy on Airlines under 12 weeks old because of 'shipping fever syndrome' which is also prevalent in cattle & live stock This is caused by the trauma of shipping. If you harbor the idea that the younger you buy the puppy the better it will adjust/bond to you, you are very misinformed about German Shepherd Temperament.!! If the Shepherd is bred properly, it will attach/adjust to you at any age, even ten (10) years of age, since the instinct to own and herd is much greater/stronger than the instinct to always belong to the original buyer. If you left your Shepherd with me while you are hospitalized or away for two (2) months and I gave it more attention and love than you had given him, your Shepherd would keep looking back at me and wishing to remain with me as you took it on leash to your car it would not follow you voluntarily without being leashed.


We start vaccinations on our puppies at 6 weeks of age. Our second series of shots, are given at 9 weeks and the 3rd series at 12 weeks of age includes measles/distemper and Corona Virus and the following four (4) parvo vaccinations: Killed canine, Modified Live Canine, and KF-11. We refuse to use the mixtures of all of the parvos and distempers because in the past, when we used the combination shots such as '6 in 1 shot' or '7 in 1' shot, we lost several puppies to parvo that this combination shot caused.  The reason for this as published in the Veterinary Journal is that 'sometimes when combination shots sit for a long time the ingredients of the shots can act on one another and can become active, causing the illness they are supposed to prevent.  Think about it, when people are given shots, each type (typhoid, smallpox, etc.) is given separately. Since we instigated this policy, we have never had parvo and we suggest this method for your use also.


Individuals in need of a dog that can provide immediate protection should not consider a very young puppy as they have not developed the instinct to recognize friend from foe. This choice should be at least a Teenage dog and preferably an adult. When buying a playmate for your current mature dog it is best to select a companion very near to the size of your current dog so they can play together.  Otherwise, your larger mature dog can injure the younger dog without intending to do so.   Prices vary depending on the quality and on the degree of training of the adult.