Feeding & Caring for your Dog

Dogs, Lions and Tigers are all carnivores and in nature, none attempt to live on dry food.  However, many Vets are teaching their clients to feed only dry food. The stomachs and intestines of dogs prey contain predigested vegetation and provide the meat eaters with much needed minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll and other nutrients necessary for excellent health and longevity.  Most of the Carnivores like dogs don't possess the enzyme cellulase to digest Cellulose (fiber) like Herbivores, such as rabbits, deer and other small prey, and carnivores depend on these fresh kills to provide these much needed nutrients. Dogs that are not confined will hunt small game and satisfy their natural need for these complex nutrients.  When fed as we instruct at Heidelberg, your dog will never have a 'doggy' odor!!

Our Domesticated Dogs have lived off our table, and around our Campfires for Thousands of years. They have shared our foods from our tables containing Cooked Vegetables as well as Yogurt, Cheeses, and Meats and they have thrived. Dry Kibble has only been aroung for about 30 to 40 years. Until very recently Dry Kibble Dog Food could not be found in most third world countries, consequently, most dogs living in less developed countries eat food from their owners tables. I'm convinced that this natural food diet is the reason those dogs have longer longevity than domesticated dogs living on a totally dry kibble food diet as regularly recommended by Veterinarians.

The diet we feed our puppies and older dogs consists of Meat (chicken, turkey or canned Mackerel or other meats low in fat), Eggs, Vegetables, Cod liver oil, Yogurt, Brewers Yeast, Kelp, and Garlic. We combine these ingredients and mix with Professional Breeders Formula Dry food, which is the only truly natural Dry Food Formula we know. This dry food contains no Soy, No By-Products (in other words, no Hair, Hooves, Manure, Horns or Chicken Feathers), no preservatives like BHA or BHT, Ethoxyquin, etc. and contains only Vitamin E to retard oxidation. If you don't have Professional Breeders Formula in your area, why don't you contact us about becoming a Distributor? A complete Packet of Information including our Diet, Caring for your Dog, Training Information etc. accompanies each puppy we sell. This packet describes our feeding in great detail. We feed this Diet to all of our dogs, which includes dogs here for Spring Texas Dog boarding/kenneling and training. The most common question/comment from first visitors is: 'Why is there no bad odor here? OR Why don't these dogs smell/have a doggy odor?' Try our diet plan for your pets and you will see great overall health, beautiful coats, no mange or skin problems and dogs that don't stink.

Our packet described in the above paragraph, thoroughly teaches you how to recognize symptoms of parasites, protozoas, etc. to assist you in deciding what to do when your dog begins to have problems.  Wormers for which you pay prescription prices at the Veterinarian can be pur- chased from Heidelberg at the fraction of the price paid for prescription items.  For example, Fenbendazole (generic name) for Panacur (Trade name) is sold for cattle 'over-the-counter' (not prescribed) and costs 1/6th the prescription product, Panacur.  Strongid-T (trade name) which a prescription product is actually pyrantel pomoate (generic name) and can be purchased from us 5 to 7 times cheaper than the prescribed pro- duct purchased from your Veterinarian.  If you are spending more than $10.00 annually at your Veterinarian, you need to educate your- self on how to properly and inexpensively, care for you dog.  Study the list of products available from Heidelberg to care for your own dog.

 You can worm your dog for intestinal worms six (6) times annually for less money than you pay for two (2) fecal checks annually.  These wormers that we use are non-prescription wormers which are sold for cattle, etc. but are the same generic products.