Show vs. Companion vs Working

How ridiculous!!  All the Shepherds we breed are Working and Companion Dogs, and some are Show Dogs.  As a 'Show' dog, the gait or trot has to be nearly perfect to compete successfully,  but mentally all three types are identical.  When you buy a Heidelberg Shepherd, you purchase as near perfection as is possible to breed for mentality, working, etc.

Officer Weingeroff, Nashville, Tenn.
at work with his Heidelberg Shepherds

Heidelberg's Kate, (a long Coat),& Chester (medium coat) enjoying the good life. (Owners Karen & John, Woodlands, Tx.)

Working Dogs vs Companion, Pet or Show Dog:

The term 'Working Dog', is truly a misleading attempt by many Importers of German Shepherds to convince the Prospective Buyer that the imported German Shepherds are better working dogs. The soil on which the dog is bred, i.e., American, German, Russian, has absolutely no bearing on the temperament or intelligence of the German Shepherd Dog. This term is used by many sellers of Shepherds to convince the buyer to pay a higher price for an inferior German Shepherd. All German Shepherds bred here at Heidelberg are 'Working Dogs'!!    Our Champions and Non-champions are excellent baby-sitters and protectors for your children, pets, other animals and the entire family.

Dog with Cat
Dixie allowing her kitten to eat her fill before she finishes eating her dinner.
Heidelberg's Rhapsody Willat "Dixie"
(Jock Daughter) DOB: 12-22-93
Puppy with Sleeping Child
Heather, loving Ryan Dodd as he sleeps.
Heidelberg's Heather Laurag, 
(Daughter of Ch. Heidelberg's Gallant )