Pictures Of Our Past Stud Dogs - Lineage of our Bloodlines

The Male Champion Stud Dogs Pictured below are no longer available for breeding at Heidelberg German Shepherd Kennels. Please note that Thirteen (13) of these twenty (21) Champions shown are Co-Owned, proving 'We do sell the very Best'. --Call us if you would like to purchase or breed a Future Champion.

Current Stud Dogs are shown on 'New Champions' and 'Soon to be Champions' pages.  Stud Fees are due at time of Service. Brucelosis (BC) Test Required

Ch. Heidelberg's Yukon v Umbra, OFA-GS-50204

Ch. Heidelberg's Rocky Kato, OFA-GS-51433

Ch. Heidelberg's Odin v Peaches, OFA-GS-47209
Co-Owned with Dr. James Moore

Ch. Heidelberg's Gerry Darcy, OFA-21659 was one
of our most important foundation stud dogs.

Ch. Heidelberg's D-Minor - Pictured at 14 months
and Finished at 15 mon. in 1985.

Ch. Heidelberg's Justice v Umber, OFA-GS-50181
Co-Owned with Billie Callier of Houston, Tx.

Ch. Heidelberg's Ranger v Gypsy, OFS-GS-50203
(Winner's Dog at the 1998 Mex. National GSD Show)

Ch. Heidelberg's Gustav - OFA-GS2863G
Gus has 7 Champions & Needs only 1 Qualifier to become ROM. TOP PRODUCER!

Ch. Heidelberg's Triumph - OFA-43091GC
#4 Winning GSD-as of April 1st, 1997 - Co-Owned with Nita Muczynski, Conroe, Tx. Bred to Produce.

Multiple Best in Show Ch. Heidelberg's Gabe -Int'l Ch.-#1 Male GSD-1994 '.  Co-Owned with Mike Bouras  & Cindy Gasper.

Ch. Heidelbeg's Helmut (OFA-GS34850G)(shown at 14 months of age.).  Co-Owned with Doug & Linda Spencer of Spring, Tx.

Ch. Heidelberg's Waco (OFA-GS-36480G)-now Rom.  Co-Owned with James McPherson & Family.

Ch. Heidelberg's Austin v Trilan (OFA-GS-49117) finished 19 mos, Nov.'96.

CCh. Heidelberg's Durango (OFA-40647G) Large, W/Bk. & Red Pigment.   Co-Owned with Sue & Jim Goostree of Houston, Tx.

Ch. Heidelberg's Gallant (OFA-GS-29741G)

Ch. Heidelberg's Natchez v Persham, OFA-GS-40844

Ch. Heidelberg's Jester v Rachelle.  Co-Owned with David Gavin of San Antonio, Tx.

Heidelberg's Erick v Insbruk, - OFA-GS-43678

Ch. Heidelberg's Ollie v Jasmine

Ch. Heidelberg's Ranger v Gypsy, OFA-GS-50203

Ch. Heidelberg's Franz v Ollie, OFA-GS-46943

Ch. Heidelberg's Jacque v Elsa-OFA-51186".  Co-Owned
The Bates family of Conroe, Tx.

Ch. Heidelberg's Mason V Johanna, OFA-GS-25332